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 About Us 
Founded in 1986, LivingWaters Engineered Water Treatment Systems was the first company in the United States to use capillary membrane technology in water treatment systems designed for residential use. Since then this award-winning technology has gone on to revolutionize the water treatment industry.

Today we continue to be an industry leader with our patented SAFEWATER TECHNOLOGYcurrently recognized as the most advanced water treatment technology in the world.  

Forbe's magazine lists capillary membrane technology along with things like gene therapy, and fuel cells, as among the "10 Things that Will Change the Way We Live." You can download this fascinating article by clicking here. You can download an audio podcast of this fascinating article by clicking here.
 A Long History of Firsts 

We were among the first to use KDF® process redox alloy media in domestic drinking water treatment systems to dramatically extend system life, reduce heavy metals, microorganisms, lime-scale formation, lower total cost, and decrease maintenance. Today, hospitals, restaurants, municipal water treatment facilities, and homes rely on KDF® process media to safely reduce or remove chlorine, iron, hydrogen sulfide, heavy metals, and bacteria from their water.

We were among the first to use carbon block/resin technology to prevent channeling of water through media and effectively remove volatile organic chemicals, MTBE, perchlorate, hormone and pharmaceutical residues and other difficult to remove substances.

We were among the first to offer effective fluoride and arsenic reduction on our water treatment systems.

WE ARE THE FIRST to offer a line of domestic water treatment systems incorporating NanoCeram® superfilters developed for NASA and the space program.

WE ARE THE FIRST to use KDF® in combination with Catalytic Activated Carbon for effective reduction of difficult to remove chloramines.

ONCE AGAIN, WE ARE THE FIRST to use all of these technologies in one system to create the world's first fail-safe, redundant, water treatment system capable of offering complete protection against ALL PATHOGENIC BACTERIA, virus, as well as cysts, molds, spores, without the need for power, high water pressure, or water waste. No other technology can make that claim!

Best of all, customers who bought LivingWaters™ products over 15 years ago can upgrade to our latest technology with a simple filter change!

We continue to set the pace with our industry leading line of LivingWaters™ Water Treatment Products.

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Serving your water treatment needs since 1986

LivingWaters™ Engineered Water Treatment Solutions
P. O. Box 7261
Woodland Park, Colorado 80863
Phone: 719-687-2928

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