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 Benefits of a LivingWaters™ Alkalizer 
LivingWaters Alkalizers™ employ a combination of state-of-the art technologies that offer benefits never before possible in a water treatment system.

  • BIOLOGICALLY SAFE: All our 4 and 5 stage systems produce water that is guaranteed to be 99.9999999% free of bacteria, cysts, protozoans, and other pathogenic organisms throughout the entire life of the media! Only a LivingWaters™ system can make your water safe to drink when your water treatment plant breaks down and there is no electricity! No other water treatment system can make that claim!
  • WORKS IN EMERGENCIES: Another of our greatest benefits is that LivingWaters technology works in emergencies — when you need it the most! Our cartridge-based systems do not require power or high water pressure to produce safe water.
  • FAIL-SAFE: LivingWaters Alkalizers™ utilize the world’s most advanced and proven dependable technologies in a multi-stage, redundant design! When the media needs replaced the water stops flowing. Contaminants cannot “break-through” making your water unsafe without warning!
  • THERAPEUTIC: Our systems use a patented technology that dramatically increases the redox potential of water. This is one of our most hidden, yet important benefits. It means that every time you drink a glass of water you are drinking a potent antioxidant and boosting your immune system! It also means that you can dispense the water into bottles and it stays fresh and sweet because the water doesn’t support the growth of bacteria!

  • BETTER QUALITY WATER: Our proven technology produces better quality water than reverse-osmosis! Our 4 and 5 stage systems remove more of the dangerous contaminants than even the best RO systems while leaving in the healthy alkaline minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium that make water taste great!
  • NON-TOXIC: Our systems use premium lead-free parts that don’t leach lead back into treated water!
  • FLUORIDE REMOVAL: If you live in a city that fluoridates your water supply, our 5-stage systems are among the only systems on the market that can be configured to effectively remove fluoride!
  • ARSENIC REMOVAL: If you live in the country and get your water from a well, our systems are among the only systems on the market that can be configured to remove tri-valent arsenic from your water.
  • CHLORAMINE REMOVAL: Some water treatment plants have begun mixing ammonia with chlorine to disinfect water supplies. This practice creates chloramines - a nasty contaminant that is very difficult to remove. Even reverse-osmosis and distillation on their own can't do it. One of our major benefits is that our 5 and 6-stage systems are among the only systems on the market that can be configured to effectively remove chloramines from your water.
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  • NO POWER or HIGH WATER PRESSURE NEEDED: One our most important benefits is that our systems don’t require electricity or high water pressure to produce a dependable flow of safe, clean, healthy water!
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Our systems don’t waste water and components are recycleable!
  • EASY TO USE: All our systems employ long-reach style faucets so you don’t have to hold heavy containers while they fill with water! This is one of our benefits that you have to try in order to understand how great it is. Our undercounter systems employ premium quality top-mount "Euro" style faucets with digital LED meters that will tell you when it is getting to be time for a cartridge change so you don't have to remember!
  • CAN’T RUN OUT OF GOOD WATER: Another of our benefits that you'll appreciate most if you've ever owned any other kind of systems is that our cartridge-based LivingWaters™ Water Treatment Systems provide a continuous supply of safe, great-tasting water. You can have a dinner where you make soup, boil pasta, wash vegetables and salad, fill pitchers and glasses for the table and make great tasting coffee without running out of water back at the soup!
  • ECONOMICAL: Our systems are less expensive to buy, install, and maintain than any other system that can produce anything close to our quality of water!
  • SUPERIOR VALUE: Our systems are a lifetime investment because WE COMMIT to put all new technology in our replaceable cartridges. You upgrade to the latest technology with every cartridge change! Customers who have had their systems for over 15 years enjoy the same technology as a person who buys a brand-new system.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: One of our greatest benefits is that we want you to be satisfied! All LivingWaters point-of-use products carry a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee. If you try it and don't like it, send it back within 30 days for a full refund!
Order a LivingWaters Water Treatment Product Today and Discover Our Benefits for Yourself!

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