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 Buying Online 

Out of all the things you can buy on the internet today, few are better suited to internet marketing than water treatment products. 

The reason is that the purchase of a water treatment product is INFORMATION CRITICAL! 

Most people have to rely on outside advice. The more expert the advice, the MORE LIKELY a customer is to be satisfied with their purchase! 

The problem is that up until the internet, most people couldn't buy their products from experts. They had to buy them from salespeople who know little or nothing about water treatment issues. 

Historically, most water treatment products have been marketed either through 

    •  Large national chains like Culligan, Rainsoft, and Kinnetico, 
    • Multi-level marketing operations like Amway and Multipure, or 
    • Retail outlets like Sears, Home Depot or the local hardware store.
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize that few salespeople at a Sears or hardware store would qualify as water treatment experts. They might be great if what you need is some chemicals for your pool or hot-tub, or even a sediment filter for your water garden. 

These folks do have a couple of advantages over the other choices above. They are usually willing to admit their ignorance because they aren't commissioned salespeople, and their products, while far from top-of-the-line, are competitively priced for what they are. 

Those who sell water treatment products for multi-level operations have three strikes against them. 
    • First, very few know anything more about water than their marketing literature tells them, and often the material is nothing but phony hype. 
    • Second, they are usually more interested in getting you to join their downline than in helping you find a solution to your water issues. 
    • Third, prices for their products are way over inflated in order to pay all the levels involved. That leaves the traditional retailers of water treatment equipment. These are the people in the first category above.
      If you are considering buying from these folks, here are some things you should know: 

      • The large national chains that sell water treatment equipment spend far more time training their salespeople in sales closing techniques than on issues to do with water treatment. In fact, the vast majority of their salespeople know very little to nothing about water treatment issues. 
      • The large national chains make their salespeople memorize a carefully crafted script designed to sell everyone a water softener combined with a reverse-osmosis system. These products are sold at prices that range from $3,500 to $4,500! This cookie-cutter approach is ill-advised. For many people these products are inappropriate or unnecessary. Even when they are appropriate, better quality products can be purchased from companies like ours for half that price!The difference is commissions. 
      • The large national chains spend more money on marketing their products than they do building them. In many cases just the commission expense to the salesperson is MORE than what it costs to build the product, not including advertising, phone rooms, free movie tickets, etc. 
      • The large national chains want you to finance the products at exorbitant interest rates though finance companies with which they are affiliated because they make more money on the finance charges than they do on the sale of the product!

      With the advent of the internet these companies have a real problem.They are worried as well they should be. 

      Now, no matter where you live in the country, and no matter what your water treatment need, because of the Internet you can have access to a water treatment professional who can give you expert advice, better quality products (they'll dispute this but it is absolutely true), at far less money. 

      Perhaps even more importantly, a person can shop online from the comfort of their own home, take time to research and digest information, and come to a decision without having to endure a high-pressure sales presentation. 

      It doesn't matter if what you need is a drinking water system at your kitchen sink, or a system designed to treat the water in your RV, boat, or entire home, buying online can save you a lot of time and money, give you a better product, and provide a more enjoyable shopping experience. 

      Bottom line: buying a quality LivingWaters™ Water Treatment System online from Conscious Living Systems, Inc. works! 

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