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 Drug Residues 

Recently, the Associated Press reported that residues from a vast array of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (known as PPCPs) have been found in drinking water supplies across the country. These substances include dozens of different drugs and by-products including antibiotics, pain killers, anti-inflammatories, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers, heart medications, bronchodilators, sex hormones, sun-screen agents, and fragrances. 

While concentrations are measured in parts per billion or trillion, the long-term outcome of human ingestion of sub-therapeutic doses of numerous drugs is a troubling question. While researchers do not yet understand the exact risks, recent studies have found disturbing effects on human cells as well as wildlife. 

Utility operators insist the water they provide is safe, but this is a story we’ve been told for decades. In reality, the EPA has forced many changes on the industry in response to overwhelming evidence that the drinking water they provide contains levels of contaminants that are far more toxic than once believed. Examples include disinfection by-products, arsenic, chemical residues, fuel additives, and many more. New studies suggest that the addition of fluoride to water by many municipal suppliers with the blessing of the American Dental Association is a very unwise practice, leading to an increased uptake of lead in children, neurological damage, hormonal disruption, and bone problems for the elderly. 

Once more, responsible people are finding out that reliance upon government about such matters is a poor substitute for self-reliance. We have prepared a special 20 page report designed to arm people with what they need to know to protect themselves and their family from the dangers posed by drinking water contaminated with PPCPs. You can download it free by clicking here.

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