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LWUC4, 6-Stage Under Counter Alkalizer with SAFEGUARD™ Technology
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This top-of-the-line LIVINGWATERS under counter Alkalizer uses our proprietary SAFEWATER TECHNOLOGY™ to remove common water contaminants as effectively as RO while preserving healthy alkaline minerals in water. It's special 6-stage design is engineered to provide the cleanest, freshest water possible.

The LIVINGWATERS LWUC4 6-stage Alkalizer is designed for extended service (12 month filter change instead of 6 month filter change) and incorporates our industry-leading SAFEWATER TECHNOLOGY™ for guaranteed removal of 99.9999% of dangerous bacteria, molds, spores, cysts and 99.95% of virus, as well as fluoride, arsenic, heavy metals like lead, mercury, cadmium, and hexavalent chromium, chlorine and chloramine and their disinfection by-products, hard-to-remove chemicals like perchlorate, MTBE, pesticides, pharmaceutical and personal care product residues, volatile organic chemicals (VOC’s), hormone disruptors and sediment reduction, yet refines water in a way that preserves the healthy alkaline minerals that make water delicious and ideal for drinking or making your favorite beverages. Best of all, the system works without power or the need for high water pressures so it provides a continuous supply of filtered water even during emergencies and power outages — just when you need it the most. Like all LIVINGWATERS™ ALKALIZERS™, the unit employs a standard 9-3/4” cartridge making it easily upgradable as future technology changes.

Features & Benefits 

  • Simple to install and maintain.
  • Unique metered "Euro" faucet is of the highest quality. It mounts from the top of the counter so installation is a breeze.
  • LED meter lets you know when a cartridge change is due.
  • Water supply kit and faucet use "push-to-connect" John Guest fittings so installation is as simple as pushing the tubing into the fitting.
  • No power required so the system makes safe water in emergencies and power outages - just when you need it the most!
  • Guaranteed protection against 99.9999% of cysts, bacteria, molds, and spores, as well as 99.95% of viruses!
  • High flow rates, even on low water pressure.
  • FailSafe: water flow is cut off when cartridge needs replaced.
  • Excellent performance on chlorine, chloramine, lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, and other heavy metals, DPBs, VOCs, pharmaceutical and personal care product residues, hard to remove chemicals like MTBE and perchlorate so your drinking and cooking water doesn’t promote cancer, heart disease, or immune-system problems.
  • System makes alkaline water that is extremely healthy and delicious!
  • Continuous flow means you can use water for washing vegetables, cooking, making beverages as well as drinking without running out!

What's Included

The LWUC4 Alkalizer features one clear and two white polypropylene housings below the bracket, as well as a 12" in-line white polypropylene housing above the bracket. The package also includes a simple to install push-to-connect water supply kit, and our premium "Euro" style top-mount faucet with built-in LED meter that will notify you when it is time for a filter change. It is supplied with one LW10FRC Fluoride and Arsenic filter in the first housing, a LW10PAC2.5AG NanoCeram® Superfilter in the second housing, one Norit Filtrix DuoFlow microbiological cartridge in the third housing and a LW12ILKCAC KDF®55 and Catalytic Carbon Chemical Filter in the fourth housing. Unit is also supplied a spanner wrench and extra EPDM “O” ring.

System includes:

1-LWFRC Fluoride and Arsenic Filter

1-LW10PAC2.5AG 10” NanoCeram® Superfilter

1-LWDFMF Norit® Filtrix DuoFlow Microbiological Filter

1-LWILKCAC Chemical Filter

1-Chrome Top-Mount "Euro" Metered Faucet (designer colors available)

1-EZ Install Water Supply Kit

1-Housing Wrench

1-Extra “O” ring


Inlet/Outlet Connections: 1/4"

Dimensions D x W x H: 6”d x 16.5”w x 15.25”h

Operating Pressure: 10 - 90 psi

Operating Temperature: 34° to 90° F (1° to 32°C)

Maximum TDS: 500 ppm

Service Flow: 1/2 - 1 gpm (depending on water pressure and remaining filter life)

Average Service Life of Cartridges: 1 year (depending on water quality)

Shipping Weight: 20 pounds

Replacement Cartridge(s): Buy package LWRC4


90 day unconditional money back satisfaction guarantee; lifetime warranty on system parts except for replaceable cartridges.

For a product flyer on the LWUC4, click here.

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This replacement pack is a set of four cartridges for the LIVINGWATERS LWCT4 or LWUC4 Alkalizers. It incorporates our basic SafeWater™ Technology for effective reduction of chlorine and its disinfection by-products, pesticides, herbicides, VOC's, PPCP's, heavy metals, and microbiological protection. It also has a cartridge that adds protection from fluoride and arsenic and a cartridge that adds protection from chloramine, hard-to-remove chemicals like MTBE, perchlorate, pharmaceutical and personal care product residues, and extended protection against heavy metals like hexavalent chromium. 
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