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 Why do we call them "Alkalizers" 
We call our cartridge-based systems LivingWaters Alkalizers™ because they have been carefully designed to remove toxic contaminants from water while retaining water's beneficial alkaline minerals including calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

This is different than what water ionizers like Kangan and Jupiter claim to do. Those products can actually make water more dangerous, in that their process cannot differentiate between toxic heavy metals and healthy minerals.

In an ionizer, positive and negative electrodes are suspended in a container of water. The positive electrode (cathode) attracts negatively charged ions (anions) like fluoride, nitrate, sulfate and chloride and dispenses those as the "acid" stream of water. The negative electrode (anode) attracts postively charged ions (cations) like calcium, magnesium and potassium and dispenses those in the "alkaline" stream of water. So far so good.

The problem is that there are many toxic cations that are also attracted to the anode of the ionizer. These include lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, arsenic, uranium and more. To the extent these are retained and become concentrated in the product water, the water becomes increasingly toxic.

For example, pentavalent arsenic (the kind most commonly present in city tapwater) is a potent carcinogen in amounts as little as 10 parts per billion. If a person commonly drinks water out of an ionizer, they may be getting as much as 50 parts per billion in every glass of water. The news is even worse if they are getting their water from a private well. The kind of arsenic in well water that has not been treated with chlorine is trivalent arsenic, which is 60 times more toxic than pentavalent arsenic.

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Believe it or not, many of these units are aggressively sold to cancer patients who are hoping that by drinking alkaline water they will improve their odds of survival. How sad. For cancer patients, drinking arsenic laden water is like pouring gasoline on a fire. What is even more distressing is that many alternative practitioners like naturopaths and chiropractors are the people making the recommendation.

Unfortunately, the purveyors of these extremely expensive and potentially dangerous products rely on consumer ignorance, both on the part of the participants in the multi-level marketing schemes used to sell them, as well as on the part of the end users. 

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The truth is that it IS NOT the degree of alkalinity that makes water healthy. That kind of alkalinity is simply the ratio of hydrogen ions (H+) to hydroxyl ions (OH-) in any given sample of water. When there are more hydrogen ions than hydroxyl ions, the water will give off a low pH reading (below 7.0) and the water is termed acidic. When there are more hydroxyl ions than hydrogen ions, the water will give off a high pH reading (above 7.0) and the water is termed alkaline. By itself this kind of pH alkalinity means absolutely nothing to health and, in fact, can contain lots of toxic contaminants that promote that water's alkalinity.

What makes water healthy is not pH, but the presence of health-promoting alkaline minerals. That is because in water, these minerals exist in an ionic form, and ionic minerals are nearly 100% absorbed by the body. Unfortunately, highly toxic heavy metals also exist in water as ions, and are also completely absorbed. 

In contrast, instead of relying on the process of water polarization which cannot selectively distinguish between types of ions of similar polarity, our  LivingWaters Alkalizers use a carefully designed blend of media that allows for beneficial alkaline minerals to be retained while any toxic heavy metals present in the water are removed as efficiently as with a properly functioning RO system. Not only that, but only a LivingWaters Alkalizer can guarantee water that is safe from microbiological pathogens like bacteria and virus, as well as cysts. 

Finally, our SafeWater Technology™ needs no power to create a continuous flow of water. This is not only convenient, but also extremely important, especially during emergencies like floods, hurricanes, and other times when power may be out for days if not weeks. 

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