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 Mission & Philosophy 

Our company philosophy is quite simple. The most important job of any drinking water treatment system is to make water SAFE! That is by far the most important reason to own any system designed to treat drinking water equipment. If a person can't rely on their water system to keep them from ingesting harmful water-borne pathogens or toxins, then no other feature can compensate for that failure.

In his groundbreaking book entitled "Don't Drink the Water", internationally recognized water expert Lono Ho'ala gives a common sense ten point guide to what an ideal water system should be able to do. Not only do we agree, we have made it our mission to stay on the leading edge of water treatment technology so we can provide our customers products that meet or exceed these goals.

In short, we feel that in order for a water treatment system to accomplish this job it must be able to reliably handle the four major groups of toxins that are commonly found in water supplies. These include:

  1. Pathogenic microorganisms including cysts, bacteria, molds, spores, and viruses.
  2. Heavy metals including lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, uranium and the by-product of its decay including radon and alpha particles.
  3. A wide variety of inorganic chemicals including fluoride, nitrates, as well as the chemicals most often used to disinfect water including chlorine, chloramine, and their toxic disinfection by-products.
  4. The whole spectrum of organic chemicals including a wide variety of pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceutical and personal care product residues, hormone residues, fuel additives, and more.

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In addition, a water system must be able to make water pleasant to drink, and it must be able to do its job without the need for power (as in emergencies when you need safe water the most) and without the need for high water pressure or water waste.

Finally, a water system must be affordable, so that taking advantage of its benefits is within the budget of most people.

What's real is that the vast majority of water treatment systems CANNOT reliably accomplish even a small part of these goals. Ours do. We are proud that our LivingWaters Water Treatment Systems now include a wide variety of models designed to fit any need. 

Whether you are an apartment dweller needing something portable, a homeowner wanting a state-of-the art whole-house system, a restaurant or hotel owner wanting the best tasting water for your establishment, your purchase of any LivingWaters water treatment system is a wise investment.

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