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 Natural Disasters 

Many private water wells suffer contamination due to flooding like that caused by monsoon rains along the front range of Colorado or hurricanes. Surging waters overwhelm sewage and septic systems, and cause damage to pipelines, chemical storage tanks, or fuel storage tanks and pipelines. As a result, contamination of water supplies is common due to the introduction of bacteria, chemicals, and/or oil. 


If you see water around or in your well, assume it is contaminated. DO NOT CONSUME water from your well until you have had it independently tested. DON'T TAKE CHANCES! Consuming contaminated water can result in serious illness or death. 

If you have any question about the quality of your water supply after a natural disaster, contact an experienced water treatment engineer from a company like LivingWaters Engineered Water Treatment Solutions to mitigate contamination problems after the floodwaters recede. In the meantime, use water from a safe public water supply, or bottled water, until your well has been disinfected.

Remember, many older wells are located in well pits that can flood after a heavy rain even if the surrounding area is not flooded.

If you choose to disinfect your own well, be prepared to:

  • Open outside faucets until water runs clear.
  • Turn off the electric power to the pump, and remove the well cap.
  • Prepare a solution of bleach and water. Let it sit for a half hour; then pour the entire mixture into the top of the well. The ratio of bleach to water can vary depending on the size and depth of your well. 
  • Recirculate the water by connecting a hose to a faucet and spraying the water back into the well for at least 15 minutes.
  • Open every cold-water faucet in the system, and let the cold water run until the smell of chlorine can be detected. Then run the hot and cold water until clear. Close all faucets, and seal the top of the well.
  • Let the chlorinated water stand in the system for several hours, preferably overnight.
  • The next day, turn on all the faucets, and continue running the water until all odor of chlorine disappears.

Be sure to have your water tested tested before using it. Call LivingWaters Engineered Water Treatment Solutions for the best price on a comprehensive test done by an independent lab certified in your state.

Remember, disinfecting will not protect your water from pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals, petroleum products and other types of nonbiological contamination. If you suspect such contamination, special treatment is required. If you suspect such contamination, call LivingWaters Engineered Water Treatment Solutions as soon as possible.

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