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Do you think you can trust your drinking water device to make your water safe? If yours is not a  LivingWaters system with SafeWater™ Technology - you better think again!

  • Faucet mounted filters, drinking water pitchers, and refrigerator filters can't remove chloramine, many chemicals, fluoride, nitrates, aresenic, or pathogenic bacteria. In fact, they are a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria.
  • Reverse-osmosis systems can't remove chloramine or dangerous bacteria. They actually breed bacteria in the storage tank and post-filter. Because of a phenomenon called "break-through", they can't be relied on for safe drinking water.
  • Water Ionizers can't remove chloramine or many other dangerous chemicals. In fact, they actually concentrate dangerous cations like arsenic, lead, mercury and cadmium in the water - sometimes to very dangerous levels. Neither can they remove pathogenic microbiological organisms (contrary to what some of these products claim.) For a complete report on the many dangers of water ionizers, click here.
  • Typical cartridge based filters can't do more than remove sediment, heavy metals, and some chemicals. Most are completely ineffective against chloramine, arsenic, and breed dangerous microorganisms.

Only a LivingWaters™ cartridge-based system with SafeWater™ Technology featuring Argonide NanoCeram Technology is capable of  guaranteed removal of bacteria, molds, spores, and even 99.95% of virus. For proof see the Water Quality Association's list of water filters that meet protocol p231 standards.

Only a LivingWaters cartridge-based system with SafeWater™ Technology provides effective reduction (greater than 90%) of all heavy metals including arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury.

Only a LivingWaters cartridge-based system with SafeWater™ Technology can effectively reduce chloramine (>95% reduction) as well as many other dangerous and difficult to remove  chemicals like fluoride and nitrates, and even many pharmaceutical residues and industrial chemicals.

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