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 SafeWater Technology 
LivingWaters drinking water systems employ a combination of state-of-the art technologies that offer benefits never before possible in a water treatment system. 

At the heart of our industry leading SafeWater™ Technology is a new development called capillary membrane technology. Manufactured by Norit of Belgium and marketed in the United States through Pentair Filtrex, this is the same technology currently used by the LifeStraw® products distributed by the firm Vestergaard-Frandsen to save lives by preventing water-born diseases in third-world countries. LifeStraw® is part of the Millennium Development Goal of reducing by one-half the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe water by the year 2015.

Capillary-membrane technology represents no less than a revolution in water treatment science. As incorporated into LifeSraw®, it has been referred to as "One of the Ten Things that will Change the Way We Live" by Forbes Magazine. To hear a podcast of this fascinating report click here. To download a copy of this fascinating article click here.

What makes this technology so revolutionary is that it provides the ability to purify water without the need for electricity, water waste, or high water pressure for the first time in human history. It has been independently tested and is NSF and WQA certified to deliver water that meets EPA guidelines for microbiological water purifiers and it does so with complete reliability. Best of all the technology is both affordable and extremely user-friendly.

To see this technology in action, click on the video link below.

As you can see, what makes this technology so unique is that it does not waste water, it can work on any water source, and it requires no power to operate. That means our systems work in emergencies - exactly when you need them the most! 
Besides guaranteed removal of pathogenic microorganisms, our systems with SAFEWATER TECHNOLOGY™ also remove fluoride, arsenic, and our top of the line 6-stage systme also effectively removes chloramine.

Chloramine, which is now added by many municipalities to disinfect water supples, is a very difficult to remove contaminant that goes right through distillers or reverse osmosis systems and actually becomes concentrated in the product water. In sensitive individuals, chloramines can cause gastrointestinal irritation and digestive disturbances.

Arsenic is a highly toxic substance that is common throughout water supplies across the United States, and fluoride is another toxic chemical that is actually added to water in many communities. 

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 Certification Means Confidence 
Pentair Filtrix's ultrafiltration (UF) point-of-use water purifiers now carry the WQA Gold Seal certification for both the US EPA Standard for Microbiological Water Purifiers and NSF P231. To be awarded the WQA Gold Seal, the products were tested to show a more than log 4 (99.99%) reduction of viruses and a more than log 6 (99.9999%) reduction of bacteria. The Gold Seal and other certification test data is transferable to other manufacturers' systems.
 Capillary Membranes 
 NanoCeram® Superfilters 
As used in our ground-breaking SafeWater™ Technology, the capablilites of this unique capillary membrane media is taken even a step further by pairing it with a NanoCeram® Superfilter, developed by Argonide Corporation.  This is another ground-breaking technology developed by Argonide in concert with NASA and the US Air Force for purifying water in space. This technology, inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame - 2005 uses nanofibers originally developed at the Design Technology Center in Tomsk, Russia. It is also the recipient of the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation of the Year Award - 2006 for Advanced Water Purification Technologies.

NanoCeram® is another major advance in water treatment science.  It is capable of retaining >5 logs (99.999+ %) viral and bacteria particles at water flow rates more than 200 times greater than ultraporous filters. The active ingredient of NanoCeram® Superfilters is an alumina fiber only 2 nm in diameter. The 0.7 mm thick filters are highly electropositive in water and attract and retain viral and bacterial microbes, endotoxins, DNA, RNA, electro-negatively charged proteins as well as sub-micron and nanosize organic and inorganic particles. Ultra-fine particles are collected within the filter rather than on its surface. This results in high capacity, less clogging, and with minimal pressure drop.

For more information on our NanoCeram® Superfilters, click here.

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