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All products carry a suggested list price. Each dealer will be given a multiplier based on the type of dealership they have and their volume. If a product carries a list price of $1,000, a dealer with a multiplier of .65 will pay $650 for that product. The difference is called the “Dealer’s Margin.”

Customer Relations:

While we are pleased to offer the most comprehensive dealer service program in the industry, ultimately it is the dealer’s responsibility to deal with their customers. We expect that in order to earn your margin, you become trained so you can answer your customer’s questions. For that reason, when a customer calls us directly we will refer them back to you. 

Many new dealers refer their customers directly to us so we can answer the customer’s questions and/or solve their customer’s problems. That is OK and we are happy to help you in that way when you feel it is necessary, but when that happens, we will bill you at the rate of $2.50 a minute for every minute we deal with one of your customers as our compensation for that service. This charge applies to phone or email transactions.


  • No sales tax will be charged as long as a sales tax and use number is supplied to us and an appropriate Dealer Agreement is on file.
  • It is the responsibility of all dealers to collect, report, and file sales taxes where appropriate.
  • Any form of tax, excise fee, or customs charge required to send out a dealer order shall be promptly repaid to the company by the Dealer.

Product Availability: 

Due to conditions imposed on us by the marketplace, we reserve the right to change prices, or add or remove products from our available line at any time without prior notice, with the exception that once we make a bona-fide quote to a Dealer, we will stand by the prices we quote for 30 days.

Presentation of Products:

  • No alteration or removal of any brand name or identification of LivingWaters™ equipment is permitted with respect to any goods, advertising or information materials furnished to the Dealer by the Company. The Dealer’s name, address and phone may be added to product merchandizing materials and the Dealer may arrange with the Company to provide materials or proofs of such materials for labeling that includes the Dealer’s name or trade name.
  • Dealers may not rebrand LivingWaters™products with their own proprietary name.
  • Dealers may not make any representations as to the capability of our systems that are in any way different than the ones we make in our materials. For dealers who sell primarily through the web, your best bet is to use the images and information that we provide on our website.

Ordering Process: 

  • We require your orders come by email or fax in the form of an itemized purchase order on your company letterhead. Make sure that the quantity, part number, and description are clear, and that you get an accurate shipping address.
  • If there are special circumstances make sure to note them on the order. 
  • We do not accept orders by phone because if there is a mistake on the order, there is no way to verify whose problem it is. 
  • We will ship the product that is ordered to the address that is on the order. If we make a mistake we will stand behind it. If you make a mistake, whatever it takes to correct the mistake will be at your expense.
  • All products must be purchased by pre-approved check, cash, or credit card unless a credit line has been approved.
  • Credit terms are a firm net 30 days from the date of shipping.
  • Finance charges of 1-1/2% per month will accrue on all past-due invoices.
Shipping and Handling:
  • Dealer is responsible for all shipping and handling charges, as well as a $10 per box drop ship fee that will be assessed on every order that is drop-shipped directly to the customer.
  • In most cases, our goods are shipped UPS-insured. 
Delivery and Damaged Shipments:
  • FULLY INSPECT all deliveries before signing the receipt even if you do not plan on opening the carton right away. Note any visible damage to the carton including crushed and torn areas, or any place where the carton has been punctured. It is best to take a photo of the cartons if possible. Do not accept any package from UPS or your freight carrier unless you have carefully inspected the contents to verify that the product is undamaged.
  • Because boxes can be misplaced or stolen during shipping, you must also make sure that either you or your customer knows to match what has been delivered with what is on the packing slip. For example, we have had customers who ordered whole house systems receive a tank and valve in one box, but not the media that goes with it. For this reason every order has a packing slip attached to the outside of one of the boxes of the shipment that indicates how many boxes the customer should receive and what is in that box. If what has been delivered doesn't match what is noted on this packing slip, YOU MUST NOTE IT ON THE DELIVERY RECEIPT. We will not be responsible for missing items not noted with the carrier at the time of delivery.
  • If you find concealed damage after the box is open, save the carton and packaging material.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure that your customer knows the above rules, and knows not to accept packages that appear damaged without inspecting the contents and noting the damage on the delivery receipt. 
  • Notify our office as soon as any damage is recognized.
  • The Dealer is responsible for making claims for products damaged in shipping.


Our product manuals have been carefully prepared to contain all the information a customer might need to install, operate, and service their water treatment systems appropriately. Be aware that even though we ship appropriate manuals with every product, our experience is that most customers don’t take the time to read them and/or they throw them away or lose them. Missing or replacement manuals are available for download from our website.

As the dealer, you are primarily responsible for answering your customer’s questions about product use, installation, troubleshooting, etc. so we recommend that you get a copy of these manuals and read them carefully. You or your customers may download a copy of all manuals from our website. We are happy to help you if you get confused, but we ask that you become familiar enough with our products that we don’t have to handle your normal customer service issues for you.

On rare occasions, you may encounter a customer who has become very confused or for some other reason is particularly difficult. We ask you to have patience with such people. Patiently taking things one step at a time usually resolves any problem.

Dealer Identification:

Customers will need to order replacement cartridges. They may also want to buy additional systems as gifts or for other locations. They may have questions about how to replace cartridges after the system has been in place for a while and water flow has diminished. Because customers tend to lose manuals, invoices, and other such materials that arrive when the system is purchased, they tend to look on the product for contact information and call whatever number they find there. To help you with this problem, we will list your company, its logo, and your contact information as well as a link to your site as an authorized reseller on our website. It is also a good idea to attach a sticker or label with your company information to the products at the point of sale or installation.

You can help yourself by sending a letter to your customer after the sale. This letter should thank your customer for their business and contain your contact information in case the customer needs a question answered or wants to reorder another system or replacement cartridges for their existing system.

You can also help yourself by putting your name in the appropriate place on our brochures. We are happy to place your name and contact information in the appropriate space on our materials, which you can then have professionally printed. To take advantage of this service you will need to send us the artwork you want on your materials.

Customer Protection:

As long as you remain on “active dealer” status your customers will not be allowed to order anything from us without your involvement. If your customer calls us we will look up their order and if they bought their system through you, they will be referred back to you to place the order.

Marketing Materials:

Our most current catalog, price lists, and other sales materials are available on the dealer section of our website. For information on how to get into password protected pages please call and we will be happy to give you directions.

Returned Goods Policy:

  • If a product is defective, the Dealer may return the product to us, freight prepaid, for refund or credit.
  • Dealers must receive return authorization numbers from us before returning any product.
  • To return undamaged merchandise, dealers must obtain a returned goods authorization number (RGA#) from our office. Products returned without such number will be refused.
  • Returned goods will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.
  • To qualify for a credit the products must be returned in original packaging and be undamaged.
Amendments To Agreements: 

The Company reserves the right to amend its Dealer Agreement as it deems fit in order to protect the integrity of its product image, including but not limited to pricing, territories, or any other marketing issue that may affect the public image or marketability of its products. 
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