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Our LIVINGWATERS™ ALKALIZERS™ with SAFEWATER TECHNOLOGY™ are considered water purifiers, not water filters. That is because they incorporate Norit Filtrix cartridges that are certified by the Water Quality Association to NSF protocol 231 to produce water that is free of dangerous pathogenic microorganisms like bacteria, cysts, molds, spores and 99.95% of virus, while removing other dangerous contaminants like chemicals and heavy metals, all without the need for power or water waste! 

At its heart is the exact same capillary membrane technology used in a product called LifeStraw® offered by Vestergaard Frandsen S.A. of Lausanne, Switzerland. Along with things like fuel cells and gene therapy, this capillary membrane technology is listed by Forbe's magazine as one of the "10 Things that Will Change the Way we Live!" 
We are also the only manufacturer to address the emerging problem of chloramination. Chloramine is a contaminant that goes right through reverse-osmosis systems and distillers and becomes concentrated in the treated water.  Only LIVINGWATERS 6-stage Alkalizers are capable of effectively dealing with this dangerous and increasingly common toxic chemical as well as many other chemcals like pharmaceutical and personal care product residues that are extremely difficult to remove from water.
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    This top-of-the-line LIVINGWATERS under counter Alkalizer uses our proprietary SAFEWATER TECHNOLOGY™ to remove common water contaminants as effectively as RO while preserving healthy alkaline minerals in water. It's special 6-stage design is engineered to provide the cleanest, freshest water possible.

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