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 The Truth About Ionizers 
 Water ionizers produced in Japan and Korea are being marketed aggressively in the United States. These very expensive machines use the process of electrolysis to make an alkaline stream of water that supposedly possesses almost miraculous properties. This water (often referred to as miracle water, microwater, cluster water, or structured water) is touted as being able to reverse aging, prevent or heal cancer, solve problems with digestion, mal-absorption, chronic constipation and diarreha, and even reduce blood pressure and heal heart disease.

If you are considering purchasing one of these units for a health issue like cancer, make sure you read our special free report entitled: "Important Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Water Ionizer" and the  WARNING  below.

These appliances are about the size of a bread-maker. Most units sit on a countertop and plug into an electrical outlet. They use a plastic hose with a diverter valve to direct water from your faucet into the appliance.
How Water Ionizers Work
How Water Ionizers Work
 Once the water enters the appliance it goes through a pre-filter (usually just a simple charcoal filter,) then through a chamber fitted with electrodes coated with some kind of inert metal like platinum. Here the water is subjected to electrolysis. Positively charged particles known as “cations” are attracted to the negative electrode, segregated, and dispensed as “alkaline” water. Negatively charged particles known as “anions” are attracted to the positive electrode, segregated, and dispensed as “acidic” water. Some models also feature a UV light to disinfect the stream of alkaline water before it is dispensed.
 The Brand Names 
 Brand names of these products are popping up like mushrooms to cash in on this latest craze. Product names include MicroWater, Life Ionizer, Gold Fox, The Alkalizer, KYK, Kangen, Alkablue, Ionizer Plus, Akai, Nikon, Jupiter, and unfortunately, Living Waters. 

Some of these products infringe on our trade names. The Alkalizer IS NOT the same as our like of 
LIVINGWATERS Alkalizers, and the Living Waters Ionizer SHOULD NOT be confused with the LIVINGWATERS products manufactured by Conscious Living Systems, Inc. Such products are taking advantage of our trademark and are not similar to our products in any way, nor do they have any of the proven benefits of our products.

LIVINGWATERS products actually can produce a stream of water where the alkaline minerals are preserved and the redox potential of the water has been improved – but we don’t use electrolysis to accomplish this. Neither do we make the kinds of outrageous claims made by the purveyors of these ionizers.

LIVINGWATERS products have earned a reputation for making product claims that are accurate and reliable. Every benefit they claim has been verified by independent testing. In addition, every component they use has been rigorously tested by the National Sanitation Foundation (the world’s acknowledged standard for such things as food, water, and chemical safety claims). As a result, the products they market can be depended upon to actually DO what they CLAIM. 

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 The Claims 
 The claim is that these units produce an alkaline stream of water that is particularly healthy for the body for at least three reasons: 
  1. They claim that alkaline water helps neutralize excessive acidic wastes produced by modern diets that are too high in foods that create an acid pH in the body.
  2. They claim that the water that undergoes the process of electrolysis hydrates the body more efficiently because “clusters of water molecules are smaller” than water not treated by such systems.
  3. They claim that the water produced by the process of electrolysis has an improved redox potential that turns water into a beneficial antioxidant and electrolysis with one of these machines is the only way to achieve this benefit.
What is particularly sad is that the alkaline stream of water is said to be able to prevent or cure diseases like cancer by balancing the body’s pH. In fact, these units actually concentrate dangerous ions in the water that are known to cause cancer. Many cancer victims are lured into paying the $1,000 to $4,500 required to purchase one of these things, when in fact they don’t help, and actually may harm a recovering cancer patient.

It is important to note that NO INDEPENDENT VERIFICATION FROM ANY REPUTABLE ORGANIZATION of any of the claims for these products is available. The only "verification" comes from dubious testimonials or individuals claiming to be doctors who are the heads of some high sounding Japanese or Korean organization. Our research demonstrates that these organizations have no serious professional standing. They appear to be made up by the purveyors of these products who know that their customers are unlikely to try to call Japan to verify these claims. What is certain is that any doctor promoting these things is so ignorant of biochemistry they shouldn't be practicing medicine.

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 The Bottom Line 

 Water ionizers are the latest gimmick in water treatment. They capitalize on misinformation and hype to get people to pay large amounts of money for what amounts to a very poor water treatment device. Unfortunately, many unsophisticated people are taken in by this scam, partly by the many miraculous promises made regarding health benefits, and partly because of the lure of making a lot of money if one becomes a part of the multi-level marketing scheme used to sell most of these things.

Contrary to all the hype, it is physiologically impossible to alter the pH of the blood, blood plasma, lymphatic fluid, or tissues of the body. These things are very tightly controlled by the body and no amount of alkaline water you can drink will change that. All you will do is change the pH of your urine, and the pH of your urine has nothing at all to do with the pH anywhere else in your body.


If you have cancer, if you are recovering from cancer, or if you are otherwise at risk for cancer, UNLESS YOU WANT TO MAKE YOUR CANCER WORSE, you should avoid water ionizers like the plague. 

Water ionizers concentrate certain cancer causing ions in the product water for the same reason they concentrate calcium and magnesium in the water. 

Whatever you do, before you fork out the large amount of money you will have to pay for one of these things, download and read our free 14 page report entitled: "10 very important questions to ask before you buy a water ionizer." You can download this report by clicking here.

If you want the benefits of alkaline minerals in water, and the antioxidant qualities of water that has had its redox potential improved, you can do so safely and for far less money by purchasing a LIVINGWATERS cartridge-based water treatment system. These systems use a proprietary technology that preserves the healthy alkaline minerals while removing the unhealthy metals like arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury, and others. They also incorporate a media that improves the redox potential of the water to levels that meet or exceed the performance of any water ionizer. Best of all, units with ourSAFEWATER TECHNOLOGY also disinfect the water, cost only a fraction of what water ionizers cost, and they don't require electricity to operate.

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